GM and Uber team up to reduce vehicle emissions and accelerate the transition to an all-electric future.
GM and Uber team up to reduce vehicle emissions and accelerate the transition to an all-electric future.
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MOBILITY AS A SERVICE Uber-drivers supported in switching to e-mobility

Author: Florian Richert

General Motors and Uber have announced their collaboration to accelerate the transition of the carpooling industry into a purely electric, zero-emission future.

Aiming for sustainable mobility, General Motors cooperates with Uber to electrify the carpooling and mobility-as-a-service industry. To achieve this, General Motors will offer Uber drivers special prices for the purchase of a new electric vehicle and charging accessories.

Shared mobility combined with e-mobility

"Improved access to electric vehicles for on-demand service providers can help reduce overall emissions in the country's cities and accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles," said Sigal Cordeiro, GM Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Global Innovation. "Our collaboration with Uber will make it easier for drivers to make the transition to an electric car and will enable these drivers, their passengers and communities to experience electric vehicles and contribute to cleaner air in our cities," said Sigal Cordeiro.
Over-platform drivers in the United States and Canada will receive the same discount GM offers its employees when they purchase a new 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV. US drivers will also receive a 20 per cent discount on Bolt EV accessories, particularly crucial for home chargers. Diamond-status drivers can also apply for special funding through a pilot programme with GM Financial, initially in Los Angeles and Denver.

Accelerating e-mobility

"Through this program, we are offering drivers and customers across the country new ways to fall in love with electric driving," said Steve Majoros, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. "This is an important opportunity to grow Chevrolet's EV business through a program that combines our expertise and strength with a ride-on platform that brings its size and reaches.
The Chevrolet Bolt EV has benefited carpoolers for years. Data from GM suggests that the maintenance costs for carpooling are significantly lower when using a bolt-powered electric car compared to conventional gasoline vehicles. Drivers also appreciate the onboard technology and spacious interior.
With this offer, General Motors aims to underline its vision to accelerate the widespread introduction of electric vehicles and to achieve a fully electric, zero-emission future.


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