Trust is key for automated and autonomous driving

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Trust is key
How to deal with societal insecurity regarding automated and autonomous driving

Future mobility starts today and changes fundamental mechanisms of transportation.
In automated and autonomous driving, the driving task will be transferred from humans to artificial intelligence. Opinions differ concerning these applications. Some people are positively disposed towards this development; others reject this technological development. Therefore, building confidence in automated and autonomous driving is an essential prerequisite for these systems' advantages to be used extensively.
The whitepaper "Trust is key to automated and autonomous driving" addresses the challenges for manufacturers, operators, and policy-makers to bring automated and autonomous driving to the mainstream.
  • Building trust as core mission
  • The time to act is now
  • The fear is real
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) as emotional burden
  • Four critical factors
  • Chances vs economic threats
  • Approach: end to end view
  • Holistic cross level trust concept
  • Conclusion: Trust is key


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