The German KÜS demands that the data sovereignty must remain solely with the vehicle owner.
The German KÜS demands that the data sovereignty must remain solely with the vehicle owner.
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Connected Cars Trust-Center for neutral data management

Author / Editor: Benjamin Kirchbeck / Florian Richert

With the introduction of more driver assistance systems, increasing amounts of data will have to be generated and processed. If connected cars become the standard and the leap to autonomous driving is accomplished, the quantity of data increases again considerably. Who owns the data? How is it secured? And who has access to it?

The days when vehicles could still be repaired by the driver are more or less over. Meanwhile, electronics have largely taken over the reins and the amount of data associated with this is constantly growing - especially concerning the development towards automated and connected driving. In this respect, the German motor vehicle monitoring organization KÜS is insisting that it must have access to the relevant data for the legally prescribed vehicle tests to be able to fulfill its task in terms of road safety for everyone.

The demands of the KÜS

Free and unrestricted access: The KÜS seeks access to all data that is indispensable for legally regulated vehicle inspections and their further development. According to the organization, these include all surveys carried out by monitoring institutions, the motor vehicle trade and also all road users. They also demand guaranteed authenticity.

Data sovereignty for the vehicle owner: Data sovereignty should lie with the vehicle owner. The motor vehicle monitoring organization considers a potential data monopoly of the manufacturers to be counterproductive.

Independent documentation and verification: The KÜS also argues that over-the-air updates could change functions and data without informing the owner. Independent documentation and verification of the current software versions and update processes are required.

Certification of the entire transfer process of vehicle data: Only authorized persons will thus have access to the data of the manufacturer-independent vehicle data platform. The aim is to standardize the system and anchor it in the international type approval regulations for vehicles.

Trust center as a potential solution

One approach for accessing vehicle data from KÜS's point of view is a so-called trust center. This would enable storage and administration to take place via a neutral vehicle data platform independent of the manufacturers. Such a platform would have to be operated by a sovereign authority.

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