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Many initiatives are intended to help mobility providers.
Many initiatives are intended to help mobility providers.
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COVID-19 Support for Mobility Providers and Startups hit by COVID-19

Author / Editor: Cate Lawrance / Isabell Page

Transport providers have been hard hit by COVID19 with a drop in passengers and additional challenges for ensuring the safety of passengers and staff. Mobility startups are OEMs alike are also experiencing the pain of delays and uncertainty in timelines. Fortunately a number of initiatives have been developed to help keen mobility providers on the move.

As the world works to gradually return to life after isolation, transit providers have been tasked with the challenge of how to maintain service for frontline workers in a reliable and safe fashion during this time of uncertainty.

To support cities and businesses in their efforts to provide transportation for their riders, Ford Mobility subsidiaries Transloc, Ridesystems and DoubleMap have created Fixed to Flex, a platform designed specifically to assist agencies in transitioning their fixed route services to flexible route services, while still utilizing the same vehicles and employees. They are also providing transit agencies with free transit consulting and demand response software in an effort to help them quickly deploy a responsive service that can both support evolving rider demand, and adhere to quickly-changing health guidelines.