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How should C-ITS users communicate in the future?

The details of V2X communication

Throughout the world, various cooperative, intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) are being developed. These systems, of course, depend on wireless and mobile communication. It is also important to consider other road users and not all areas have sufficient wireless and mobile infrastructure. So how should C-ITS users communicate with each other under such conditions?

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Dubai is considered an important testing ground for air taxis.
Air Taxi

The age of the air taxi

As recently as the beginning of 2018, the mere mention of air taxis could turn you into a laughing stock. That’s what happened to CSU Minister of State Dorothee Bär, who was mocked and derided online after a TV appearance. Even then, a quick Google would have told you that what might at first look like science fiction, is actually about to become reality.

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Where is the journey going for the European car industry?
Future Mobility

How Europe plans to breeze into the mobility of the future

Data-based services and shared mobility facilities will account for a quarter of the industry’s turnover by 2030. As a result, software will make up 30% of the vehicle’s value, while electronic components will make up 25%. If the European auto industry wishes to remain successful, it needs to rethink its long-term strategy. A five-point plan has been drawn up to secure an advantage over competitors from China and the US.

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