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The principle of LC car glass panes works on the basis of floating liquid crystals. With the aid of alternating voltage, the panes can be completely or partially darkened. It is also possible to use the panes as a display.

These car windows darken and work as touch screens

Continental is working on the development of a special film technology with which the window can be turned into a display. According to Continental, these car windows will darken automatically or serve as touch-screen displays. The car window becomes a digital interface with a range of features.

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Passengers should be able to understand information more quickly on Bosch’s 3D display than on conventional screens thanks to its depth of field.
3D Display

Bosch brings 3D displays into our cars

Bosch is working on a new range of 3D display products that will enable passengers to understand information more quickly. The automotive supplier is planning to present these new products at the International Motor Show Germany 2019 (September 12 to 22) in Frankfurt am Main.

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AI, neural networks and classic machine learning algorithms have been around for decades, but the technology leapfrogged during the past three years.
Artificial Intelligence

Is AI ready for use in IoT, automotive and industry?

Over the past three years, the practical applicability of artificial intelligence has improved by leaps and bounds. This development is driven particularly by its rapid spread in the IoT, industry and automotive sectors. Edge AI technologies are especially interesting for vision-based and voice-based purposes and the sensor-based detection of anomalies.

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A selection of materials, surfaces, and components are presented to the test person during the test using a robotic system.

Material development based on emotions

Why do you like a material or not? If you are looking for an answer, you have to look the customer in the eye and measure and evaluate his emotions. Imat-Uve now wants to implement nothing less with a partner in the "Eliot" project.

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