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The principle of LC car glass panes works on the basis of floating liquid crystals. With the aid of alternating voltage, the panes can be completely or partially darkened. It is also possible to use the panes as a display.

These car windows darken and work as touch screens

Continental is working on the development of a special film technology with which the window can be turned into a display. According to Continental, these car windows will darken automatically or serve as touch-screen displays. The car window becomes a digital interface with a range of features.

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Ongoing Shift in Mobility

Future Mobility as an Open Global Marketplace

Whether it’s the growth of electrified mobility solutions, the increasing interest in autonomous vehicles, both passenger and buses, or in some cases, new forms of urban air mobility, our cities and regions are experiencing a significant infusion of new mobility services, coupled with an evolving mix of public transit services.

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AI, neural networks and classic machine learning algorithms have been around for decades, but the technology leapfrogged during the past three years.
Artificial Intelligence

Is AI ready for use in IoT, automotive and industry?

Over the past three years, the practical applicability of artificial intelligence has improved by leaps and bounds. This development is driven particularly by its rapid spread in the IoT, industry and automotive sectors. Edge AI technologies are especially interesting for vision-based and voice-based purposes and the sensor-based detection of anomalies.

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Dealing with future mobility requirements: How do legislators and authorities handle them?
Designing data policies

Policing the future

Many question marks around the autonomous driving could already be clarified, but not yet all. Legal issues remain a challenge. Autonomous cars will soon be on our roads, but can law enforcement keep up with AV innovation?

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Exclusively in front of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart: First successful urban flight of the Volocopter in Europe.
inaugural flight

First urban flight of the Volocopter in Europe

On Saturday the prototype of a flying taxi from Volocopter GmbH completed its first public flight in a larger European city. The company from Bruchsal in Baden-Württemberg has been developing an aircraft for passenger transport for eight years and already completed a fully autonomous flight with a prototype in Dubai in 2017.

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