Public transportation combined with MaaS will optimize Sydneys traffic.
Public transportation combined with MaaS will optimize Sydneys traffic.
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Public transportation and MaaS Public transportation feature in Uber app to start in Sydney

Author: Florian Richert

In Sydney, Uber will offer a new service called "Uber and Transit" with multimodal features together with the local public transport operator.

In 2019, Sydney was the fourth city in the world whose public transport integrated into the Uber app. Sydneysiders were thus able to compare Uber options with the public transport services offered for their journey. 60% of Uber journeys went from destinations with limited access to public transport. The novelty of "Uber and Transit" is now that the transport offers are mixed from start to finish.
The new "Uber and Transit" in the Uber app offers the option to calculate thousands of possibilities to find the best combination of Uber and public transportto get the passenger to their destination efficiently. Once the best route is selected, the Uber App enables the passenger to request a ride to the recommended station and to follow the public transport journey in real-time.

Multimodal mobility

The combination of public transport and commercial mobility providers is a powerful combination that must be part of future mobility. Uber has been working for years with various cities and municipalities on the joint optimisation of local public transport. A prerequisite for the combination of different modes of transportation is that the mobility provider from San Francisco can use interfaces to access the data of the cities.
Andrew Constance, Minister of Transport and Roads in News South Wales, said: "I am so excited about this development, which means that Sydneysiders will be among the first in the world to experience this over-function. The great thing about this technology is that it enables commuters to find their best way to get from A to B. It could mean that they will be better able to use a mix of over-services and public transport to make their journey cheaper and more time-efficient. This cooperation is great because it will help people make better choices about how to get around our city, thereby reducing congestion, which is an asset for our commuters and a benefit for our drivers".

Optimized mobility

Uber aims to replace the private car with a mobile phone. The aim is to use intelligent software to help people plan their journeys so that they can travel in multimodal mobility in the same way or even more comfortably than in a private car. The aim is to achieve a higher capacity utilisation of public transport in the future and thus to reduce traffic congestion and emissions.
The "Uber and Transit" programme will start in Sydney and Chicago at the end of September 2020. With the operation in these two cities, Uber wants to test the service in a real setting and use the lessons learned to cooperate with local transport providers in other cities.


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