C-LAB is even authorized to supervise mobility pilot zones.
C-LAB is even authorized to supervise mobility pilot zones.
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New Mobility Launch of Miami-Dade County Mobility Innovation Lab

Editor: Isabell Page

CoMotion LAB MIAMI is testing innovative new mobility solutions throughout County to drive growth and job creation. Among the founding members are HNTB, INRIX, Joby Aviation, Lacuna, Via, Uber and NewCities Foundation.

With the creation of CoMotion LAB MIAMI, Miami-Dade County and CoMotion aim to create an unprecedented consortium of international, national and regional public and private actors whose goal is to improve mobility and transit in Miami-Dade County and South Florida.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez announced C-LAB MIAMI in keynote remarks opening the first edition of CoMotion MIAMI LIVE, a new annual gathering of global mobility and transit leaders. “CoMotion LAB MIAMI is designed to make our county a vibrant living lab of new mobility in order to create new services for our residents and thus jobs and economic activity,” said Mayor Gimenez in his remarks to several thousand mobility and urban leaders participating virtually from North America, Latin America and around the world.

C-LAB is designed as an advanced and connected urban playground for mobility innovation in which public rights of way in the County and in adjacent geographies are used to develop and validate new and commercially-viable transport technologies. Miami-Dade County, with its 5,500 miles of public roads, its airspace and its maritime channels, provides a complex and variegated testing geography, representative of different kinds of urban geographies throughout the United States and beyond: dense urban center, exurban sprawl, developer-led communities.

C-LAB is empowered by the Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works and other key public sector stakeholders in the county and the state to oversee mobility pilot zones and streamline administrative processes to test new mobility technologies and solutions. The first areas to be focused on in 2020/2021 are:

  • Smart curb management + smart infrastructure
  • Decarbonizing maritime mobility in maritime and riverine cities
  • New frameworks for public/private partnerships in transit (including data management and data governance)

Among the first founding members of C-LAB are some of the most important companies leading mobility and transportation innovation: Uber, HNTB, Lacuna, Joby Aviation, Via and INRIX. The NewCities Foundation, a leading global non-profit focused on city-building around the world, is also backing the initiative.