Cerence Introduces Emergency Vehicle Detection, Bringing Enhanced Safety Features to the Cerence Drive Portfolio.
Cerence Introduces Emergency Vehicle Detection, Bringing Enhanced Safety Features to the Cerence Drive Portfolio.
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Vehicle Detection In-car system alerts drivers to the sound of sirens

Author / Editor: Erika Granath / Erika Granath

Providing drivers with nothing less than a sixth sense, Cerence expands its Cerence Drive platforms to include advanced vehicle detection that alerts drivers of approaching emergency vehicles long before they can either hear or see them.

Motor vehicle crashes involving emergency vehicles, such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, have been recognized as a severe problem in many countries. The best available data shows that an average of 27,235 documented total crashes involved law enforcement vehicles each year in the U.S.

The automotive technology provider Cerence is now introducing a possible solution to this problem. Cerence Emergency Vehicle Detection (EVD), the latest product in the Cerence Drive technology and solutions portfolio, integrates with the in-car assistant to alert drivers of approaching emergency vehicles so they can adapt their driving accordingly and avoid accidents.

Carence EVD's super-hearing-power detects emergency sirens

Carence EVD uses existing microphones that are part of the vehicle's interior design, allowing it to be implemented without the need for additional hardware. The system has what can best be described as super-hearing abilities. It uses the distinct sound structure inherent to emergency siren signals to achieve reliable recognition of the source and the direction from which the siren is approaching.

Carence EVD recognizes and detects sirens from various emergency vehicles—including fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars—from multiple countries. Ones the system identifies a siren, it automatically lowers the volume of the radio or other media inside the vehicle and notifies the driver via the car's visual and audio infotainment system.

Every driver has experienced that moment of panic after hearing or seeing an approaching blue light vehicle.

"We've developed Cerence EVD to address this issue – and help ensure that drivers remain safe and informed on the road, a critical piece of the in-car experience as vehicles become increasingly autonomous," says Stefan Ortmanns, EVP & General Manager, Core Automotive, Cerence.