COUP discontinues the eScooter Sharing Services in Europe.
COUP discontinues the eScooter Sharing Services in Europe.
( Source: COUP/Igor Emmerich)

eScooter COUP to discontinue eScooter Sharing Services

Author: Florian Richert

The eScooter provider Coup discontinues sharing services. Mid-December, the vehicles will be withdrawn from Berlin and Tübingen, and shortly from Paris and Madrid, as the Bosch subsidiary announced in Berlin.

COUP, the eScooter sharing provider that started in summer 2016 in Berlin, has announced that it will discontinue its service in Berlin and Tübingen by mid-December 2019. Furthermore, the service at the Paris and Madrid locations will be discontinued at short notice.

For COUP, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, the continuation of the service in the fiercely competitive sharing market is economically impossible in the long term due to the high costs. COUP's electric scooters, which were manufactured by the Taiwanese company Gogoro, attracted a loyal user base. The income from the operation is offset by the high costs required for its operation.

COUP's eScooters can still be used until service is withdrawn, unused credit will be paid back to customers. The closure of the company affects 120 employees throughout Europe, 75 of them in Berlin. At the four European locations, 5000 eScooters were available in 2019, 1500 of these in Berlin.


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