Boschs hedquarter in Renningen, Germany - w3w adress ///
Boschs hedquarter in Renningen, Germany - w3w adress ///
( Source: what3word / Roland Halbe / CC0)

In-Car Infotainment Bosch infotainment systems now with what3words

Author: Florian Richert

The British Georeferencing system what3words is now available in Bosch's infotainment systems. what3words aims are to become a global standard location communication and is gaining more and more popularity.

What is what3words?

The what3words system is accurate to 3m x 3m consisting of 57 trillion squares globally, each assigned a unique 3-word address never changes. The grid covers all locations on the earth's surface, regardless of whether they have a building address such as street and house number. Each of these squares identifies by a combination of three words (w3w address).

what3words is available in more than 35 languages.
what3words is available in more than 35 languages.
(Source: what3words / CC0)

To use the w3w addresses, you need the what3word app, website, or an API that is set up for the system. Using three words provided, you can find any location and navigate there.
The system is used in over 170 countries by companies, authorities, governments, and NGOs. To date, it is available in over 35 languages and used in logistics, mobility services, travel, emergency services, and disaster response.

<blockquote class="inf-blockquote">Bosch technology is continually updated with the latest in innovation and we are delighted that what3words is now part of its offering - Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO, what3words</blockquote>

Bosch aims for improvement and safety

As one of the largest OEMs for mobility solutions, Bosch aims to improve ist systems with the latest innovations continually.
'The more complex the technology in modern vehicles, the simpler and more intuitive control systems need to be. By integrating what3words into our infotainment systems, we let the drivers concentrate on driving and keep them concentrated on the road. For our customers, this means another easy, safe, and innovative way of entering destinations,' said Luis Arevalo, Vice President of Product Management for Automotive Infotainment, Bosch.

Using the Bosch interface, a driver enters a w3w address by voice or text, the what3words system converts it into GPS coordinates and provides these back to the infotainment system for route guidance. Using voice activation while driving, the what3words system aims towards safety improvement by minimizing distraction.


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