With the Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW already uses AI in customer functions.
With the Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW already uses AI in customer functions.
( Source: BMW Group)

Artificial Intelligence BMW Group establishes code of ethics for the use of AI

Editor: Isabell Page

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key element of the digital transformation process at BMW Group. With more than 400 use cases throughout the value chain, AI is already being used successfully. The Code of Ethics is intended to underpin the increased use of AI technologies.

Together with other companies and organizations, the BMW Group is participating in the design and development of a set of rules for cooperation with the AI. Michael Würtenberger, Head of 'Project AI': "Artificial intelligence is the key technology in the process of digital transformation. But for us, people are still the focus of attention. AI supports our employees and improves the customer experience. When expanding AI applications in the company, we proceed with determination and caution. The seven AI principles at the BMW Group form the basis for our approach".

Based on the basic requirements for a trustworthy AI formulated by the EU, the BMW Group has developed seven basic principles for the use of AI in companies:

  • Human agency and oversight: The BMW Group implements appropriate human monitoring of decisions made by AI applications and considers possible ways that humans can overrule algorithmic decisions.
  • Technical robustness and safety: The BMW Group aims to develop robust AI applications and observes the applicable safety standards designed to decrease the risk of unintended consequences and errors.
  • Privacy and data governance: The BMW Group extends its state-of-the-art data privacy and data security measures to cover storage and processing in AI applications.
  • Transparency: The BMW Group aims for explainability of AI applications and open communication where respective technologies are used.
  • Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness: The BMW Group respects human dignity and therefore sets out to build fair AI applications. This includes preventing non-compliance by AI applications.
  • Environmental and societal well-being: The BMW Group is committed to developing and using AI applications that promote the well-being of customers, employees and partners. This aligns with the BMW Group’s goals in the areas of human rights and sustainability, which includes climate change and environmental protection.
  • Accountability: The BMW Group’s AI applications should be implemented so they work responsibly. The BMW Group will identify, assess, report and mitigate risks, in accordance with good corporate governance.

These principles are continuously developed and, if necessary, adapted to the complex application of AI in all areas of the company. In this way, the BMW Group is paving the way for an expansion of AI application and is sensitizing its employees to the need for sensitivity in dealing with AI technologies.

'Project AI' was launched in 2018 to ensure that AI technologies are used ethically and efficiently. As the BMW Group’s centre of competence for data analytics and machine learning, it ensures rapid knowledge and technology sharing across the company. This project supports the efficient development and scaling of smart data and AI technologies. One of the developments to come out of Project AI is a portfolio tool which creates transparency in the company-wide application of technologies making data-driven decisions. It currently spans 400 use cases, of which more than 50 are available for regular operation.