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The programme "Empower Women in Shared Mobility" will empower women in future mobility projects.

New program "Empower Women in Shared Mobility"

From the long-standing interview series "Women in Shared Mobility," the program "Empower Women in Shared Mobility" has emerged, funded by movmi, ITS America, ABB, GoWithFlow, and the Ray as well as a jury of experts from all over the world. The program aims to promote a mobility project led by women for 12 months to support its success in as many ways as possible.

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Exclusively in front of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart: First successful urban flight of the Volocopter in Europe.
inaugural flight

First urban flight of the Volocopter in Europe

On Saturday the prototype of a flying taxi from Volocopter GmbH completed its first public flight in a larger European city. The company from Bruchsal in Baden-Württemberg has been developing an aircraft for passenger transport for eight years and already completed a fully autonomous flight with a prototype in Dubai in 2017.

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The Audi AI:CON exploits every possibility offered by a autonomous luxury sedan of the future with unprecedented consistency.

The 5 levels of autonomous driving explained

Autonomous driving will change the way we travel. Reduced traffic congestion, lower travel costs, and no more circling for parking spaces will make our daily commutes quicker, less stressful, and more affordable. It'll also reduce harmful CO2 emissions, improving the quality of air that we breathe.

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Basic Knowledge

Basics of Autonomous Driving - Part 1

In this six-part series, central aspects of autonomous driving are examined in more detail - including the degrees of autonomy, decisive innovations in sensor technology and communication infrastructure, the question of social acceptance and finally the ethical implications of the technology.

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Basic Knowledge

Basics of Autonomous Driving - Part 2

How can we continue to move safely in the face of growing populations, overcrowded cities, and congested road networks? One approach is artificial intelligence - not least because human beings are the cause of most road accidents. After the first part of the six-part series showed how autonomous driving is changing the automotive industry, we now take a closer look at technological progress.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enhance future security systems.
Aviation and Avionics

New research project on AI/ML Guidance

The Swiss company Daedalean AG has signed another innovation partnership agreement with EASA. The new research project bases on a previous project in which AI and ML concepts have been developed. The goal of the continuing project is to optimize the learning assurance concepts and the embodiment of AI in safety-critical applications.

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We can expect to travel in an eVTOL within the next five years.
Air Taxi

VOTL aircraft create new possibilities for air transport

Flying cars have become a reality, changing air transport as we know it forever. It’s a highly innovative space with companies obtaining significant levels of funding, with interest from mobility stalwarts like Toyota and Daimler. There’s a range of aircraft in production and while regulations and infrastructure are still being put into place, we can expect the opportunity to travel within the next five years.

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Connected cars can collect information from their surroundings like road infrastructure, data from other cars or pedestrians.
Data Driven

Connected Cars as a data-driven ecosystem

The possibilities offered by a Connected Car are very extensive. Consequently, it is by no means just a vehicle networked with the Web, but its data-driven ecosystem. Edge computing, cloud, analytics, and AI play essential roles in this ecosystem.

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COVID-19 is reshaping cities, mostly regarding mobility.
SHIFT Mobility 2020

The pandemic is reshaping cities like London

SHIFT Mobility 2020 speaker Raunaq Bose reflects on the dynamism of modern urban environments. What has and hasn't aged well over time, and where developers, urban mobility systems and city governments can improve to ensure the cities of tomorrow serve people, as opposed to the systems that operate within them.

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